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God’s F.O.C.U.S Driven Vision for 2020

(Endurance for the Year)

Hear ye, hear ye the time has come

For God’s chosen to have victories won.

This year of 2020 is our divine mission,

to succeed in all we do because of our FOCUS driven vision.


The start of this vision begins by reading, speaking & standing on the FOUNDATION (the Word of God) which is powerful when done through prayer, meditation & dedication.


Next in your mind, be very OPTIMISTIC, having hope in everything you do,

for you can definitely see the road ahead much clearer when your skies aren’t so dark and blue.


Make a solid connection with [Jesus] CHRIST often each and every day.

For He will safely guide & ride with you to reach your blessings along the way.


Make sure you’re full of UNWAVERING faith, and having plenty to share.

So together you become victorious, & showing your adversaries just how much our God cares.


Finally, let your SPIRIT rejoice always daily for you know that you are winning

Because you stayed faithful in this race with your FOCUS driven vision in 2020.



We will make it, yes we will win

We are overcomers, for God lives within

We are His chosen, conquerers so blessed we are

And we’ll show His greatness no matter how far

So write the vision and make sure its plain

And share it to others, on good times and in rain

For victory is ours, sayeth the Lord and there is plenty

To happily receive in this vision year of 2020!!


Shareasa D. Bond

God’s L.U.V. Notes

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